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On-Demand Printing on Aluminum Foils!!


TOYAL POD™ will let you print any image on a variety of materials and also make personalized packages.

・Can handle small-lot production
・Realizes picture-like designs
・Eliminates stocks
・Eliminates the plate-making process
・Hybrid printing with photogravure

Applications (examples)

Pharmaceuticals (PTP), foods, toiletries, etc.

・Test marketing samples
・Sample products with messages
・Campaign goods

Product Examples (PTP) TOYAL POD

Product Specification
Max. product width 310mm
Ink UV-curable ink (Acrylic. Complied with Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370)
Colors Combinations of CMYK colors (spot colors are not used)
Substrate With or without white primer layer (cannot print white background borders/frames)
Sealant layer VC only (PP is under development)
Design ・Barcode readable
・Can control pitch and register
・C, M, Y are compatible with Flash Patri.
Note: Solid printing on bands is not recommended, as they tend to swell during roll up.
Minimum order 100m - xxxm (upper limit is dependent on the no. of colors)

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