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Established in January 2007 as TTH’s subsidiary and trading company mostly for enterprises in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to offer condenser materials (aluminium foil, aluminium-metalized film products, lead wires, carrier tapes, etc.), back sheets for solar cells, and other electronic components, as well as a wide range of commodities, including processed foils for food and pharmaceutical products, aluminium containers, plastic containers, paper products, and kitchen foil and other home products.

Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

■Access Rm. 404, Far East International Plaza A-zone,
No.319 Xianxia Rd,Changning District,
Shanghai, China 200051
■Phone 86-21-6278-3200
■FAX 86-21-6278-3218
■Establishment January 2017


Toyo Tokai Aluminium Hanbai(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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