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For inquiries and comments regarding Tokai Toyo Aluminium Hanbai K.K. and its products, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

Please read the following notes before making an inquiry. Attention

  • - The information you provided here will be used to help us respond to your inquiry.
  • - We will handle your personal information with utmost care. Please read our Information Security Policy for more information.
  • - We may also use your personal information for marketing purposes, such as providing information about our products, services, and activities.
  • - While we do our best to provide quick response to your inquiry, we may need extra time or may not be able to respond depending on the content of your inquiry.
  • - We will be sending an email to you personally for the sole purpose of answering your question or replying to your comment. Please do not use any part or the whole of our email for any other purpose.
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